Naked Café is a family run business managed by Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Svetlana Fetterly.
Svetlana Fetterly
RHN – Registered Holistic Nutritionist

WELCOME to Naked Cafe… where fresh and nutritious meet delicious!

We are a holistic cafe and it is our goal to provide wholesome, healthy, delicious food in an effort to improve the overall health of our community. Located in Bolton, Ontario, we offer our community a great selection of healthy and wholesome products. We invite you to enjoy our fresh juices, along with our homemade baked goods, breakfast and lunch items.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide live, natural, high quality products to our customers in an effort to support a healthy lifestyle for our community.

Everything we offer is of a whole food nature.  Free of chemicals, additives, preservatives nitrates/nitrites & sulphites/sulphates whenever possible.  Our dairy is organic and our meat is raised without the use of antibiotics and/or steroids.  We prepared our food and drink with passion and a whole lot of ‘Vitamin L’!

Now in our forth year of business we have obtained respect and adoration of the Bolton community. We have a genuine interest in offering holistic food and beverages to improve the overall health of our community.

We all deserve to be at our optimum health. Let Naked Cafe help put you and your family on the path of living, eating & being well!

Contact or visit Naked Café for further information on our natural, holistic products!